James Madison

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James Madison

James Madison went even further to strengthen the Constitution. Do you know how? In 1789 as a member of the brand new house of Representatives, he created the first amendment but there were additions too. The first amendment stated that you have Freedom of speech, Freedom of press, Freedom of religion, Freedom of petition, and lastly Freedom of assembly. Madison drafted 19 amendments but only 12 were approved.

James Madison was very important to the Constitution. For example, he wrote 29 out of the 85 essays. He had already wrote a plan of the Constitution. Lastly, he was named Father of the Constitution.James Madison fought for a strong central government to unify the whole country .James Madison had already developed a plan for the new government. This plan was known as the Virginia plan.


1751 - Born1776 - VA State Legislature1780 - Continental Congress1787 - Father of the Constitution1836 - Died

Lasting Impact

James Madison was named the father of the constitution for all the successful things he accomplished in the US Constitution.


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James Madison

Strengthen the Constitution


Madison's Biography


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