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James Madison

James Madison was the oldest of twelve children born on March 16, 1751. He was raised in Virginia and grew up experiencing poor health issues. In 1769 he enters the College of New Jersey, which is now Princeton. Madison became involved in politics at the young age of 21. His first major appointment was to the Orange County of Virginia Safety Committee. From there it was the Virginia Convention. It was during that time that he helped construct the US Constitution. After many years in politics in different capacities and a failed engagement, he marries Dolly Payne Todd in 1794. While elected to the US House of Representatives, he sponsors a series of constitutional amendments, now known as the Bill of Rights. In 1803 Madison and Thomas Jefferson work together to make the Louisianna Purchase happen, doing so they almost doubled the size of the United States. In 1808, James Madison is elected the 4th President of the United States of America. After serving serving his Country for 13 years, he retires from politics and returns to his home town in Virginia.


1751 - Born1771 - Enrolls in Princeton1776 - Becomes T. Jefferson's Protege1787 - Start of the Constitution1789 - Elected to the House of Representatives1794 - Marries Dolly Payne Todd1803 - Negotiates the Louisanna Purchase1808 - Elected President1814 - Flees the White House 1817 - Retires from politics1825 - Madison & Jefferson open the University of Virginia1836 - Madison dies

James Madison was instrumental in creating the U.S Constitution. He was the author of the Bill of Rights. And later became the 4th President of the United States of America.

Lasting Impact

The majority of the laws we live by today are a result of Mr. Madison's construction of the Bill of Rights.


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James Madison





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