[2014] Devinee Tucker: James Madison: Founding Father

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[2014] Devinee Tucker: James Madison: Founding Father

1775-1781 - Became good friends with Thomas Jefferson. 1775- Regular British troops sent to Concord, Mass.1776 - Became a delegate to the revolutionary Virginia Plan.1779- Elected to the Continental Congress.1787- Served at the Constitutional Convention.1787- Led the Virginia Delegation to the Philadelphia, PA Meeting on May 14.1789- Elected to the U.S. House of Representatives.1789- Madison wrote 12 amendments.

In James Madison's life in the period of 1763-1789 he accomplished many things...~ co-authored the Federalist Papers {29}~delegate of the Virginia Plan~Witnessed the Constitutional Convention~ wrote 12 Amendments

If it wasn't for Madison supporting the Constitution and accomplishing the task of writing some of the Federalists Papers we wouldn't have the government we have today. Without James creating 1o Amendments ratification would be as difficult as it was back then.


James Madison: Founding Father

This is one of James Madison's famous quotes.

James Madison before receding out of the war with bad health.


Madison created the Virginia Plan to encourage a new government.

James created 12 Amendments, only 10 of which were approved.

James Madison wrote 29 of the 85 Federalists Papers.

In the painting aside, Madison is giving a speech during the Constitutional Convention.This is where he was named "Father of the Constitution".

Lasting Impact


During the Constitutional Convention, Madison kept a daily journal of all he heard. This is how we know so much about this time.


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