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James K. Polk

Polk was born in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. He later lived in and represented Tennessee. James Knox Polk was the first of ten children andwas born in 1795. Polk was home schooled, too. After graduation, Polk traveled to Nashville to study law. He studied under Felix Grundy. In 1822 Polk joined the Tennessee militia. In 1825, Polk ran for the United States House of Representatives for the Tennessee's 6th congressional district. Mouthful, right? He was elected president in 1844. He served 4 years, obtaining Texas and such, until his sudden death from cholera morbus in 1849.


1795 - Born1824 - Married1839 - Governor of Tennesee1844 - President1845 - Made Texas a state1848 - Oregon became a territory1849 - Died in Nashville

Not only did he obtain new territory, but he also won the Mexican War in a U.S. victory and annexation of land from Mexico.Polk also got Iowa, and even Minnesota became a territory.Besides being the 11th president James was the Governor of Tennessee and elected speaker of the U.S house of representatives

Lasting Impact

Got Texas into the nation, as well as Wisconsin and Oregon Territory!


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James K.Polk



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