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James Garrett A.K.A jamesyboy3

Did you know George Vancouver discovered vancouver and vancouver Island?

Henry Hudson searched for the passage to Asia through North America.

First nations lived across North America since the beginning of time. About 500 years ago the explorers and sailors from Europe set sail across the Atlantic Ocean.

Europeans met native people about 500 years ago. Natives brought weapons, tools,guns and diseases. It made the native people mad and made there life hard.

By James garrett Explorers



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    Please add your name to your wall and make sure that your nickname doesn't include your real name.

  • jbystrom 11 years ago

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    James I've shown you what an edited text box might look like with accurate capitalization and punctuation. You had some excellent information but in a very rough draft stage. How might you revise and edit the other text boxes? I'd also like to see you add some additinal information about the First contact between the aboringinal people and the explorers and perhaps add a few more images to clarify your thinking.