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James Fernimore Copper

-THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS:This novel was wrote in 1826, it is his best unknow novel.In 1992 the book was convert into a movie.The book is about the extiction of an american tribe.- LEATHERSTOCKING TALES and THE PATHFINDER:This books are the continue of the book above, this book were written in 1840 because the readers wanted a continue of The Last of the Mohicans.-PRECAUTIONS : This was his first book, wrote in 1800because his wife was reading an awful book.

Key Facts

James Fernimore Coopper was born in 1789 in New Jersey,(America) and died in 1851 in New York,(America).

He was a prolific and popular American writer of the early 19th century.He was son of an english emigrant to America.He was an active member of Christ Episcopal Church and he served in the army. He married Elisabeth and had twelve sons most of them died during the first years of life.


Important Books



He started to wrote books because his wife was reading a bad book so he wrote her a better book, them he continued writing books and he became a very important american novelist.He wrote about the interaction of native american and colonosers because he was a son of british emigrant. He also wrote sea-stories because he served in the army.


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