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James Earl Jones

James Earl Jones was born on January 17, 1931. He is still alive.

James Earl Jones has overcome many trials and obstacles in his life.

Obstacles and trials: Stuttering, going against the odds, protestors, and much more.

During his years as an actor he has faced racial accusations about how white actors were superior and still he overcame them.

As a child he had a severe case of stuttering but overcame this in school showing his determination in both cases as it took determination to not talk for a long time and even more determination to overcome this problem.

At one point in his life he faced a challenge where he put on a play while an angry mob of protestors was outside the theater.

Being kind-hearted: James Earl Jones is very kind-hearted and repsectful.

James Earl Jones wished for a fellow actor who played the same character as him in a movie to receive more fame while he went anonymous.

James Earl Jones:Determined Actor

Determination:James Earl Jones is very determined.

When James Earl Jones was a child he helped out on his family's farm showing not only kindness but determination as well.

Going against the odds: James Earl Jones has gone against the odds time and time again.

James Earl Jones is not like other actors he wanted to disturb people instead of making them feel good.

"And so I'll see you in a couple of years, as soon as I've found a play through which I can disturb you - Good night."

"I don't stand here on stage to make people go out of the theater feeling good over nothing I'd much rather let them go out of the theater feeling disturbed over something."

These reasons are why James Earl Jones is a heroic actor. He is determined, kind-hearted, and he went against the odds.

These quotes prove he went against the odds as he didn't want what other actors wanted instead he wanted something else.


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