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James Dean

2/8/1931: Birth1942-1946: WWII1941: Death of Mother1951-1956: Cold War1/1951: Persued a full-time acting career1955: East of Eden1955:Rebel Without a Cause1956:Giant9/30/1955: Death

James Bryon Dean, born 2-8-1931 in Marion, move to Santa Monica, California, at the age of six. Three years later his mother dies of uterine cancer. His father sent him to live with his sister Ortense and her husband Marcus Winslow in a farm in Fairmount,Indiana because he was no longer able to provide for them both. Dean sought friendship, and councling from the local Methodist pastor Rev.James Deweerd, during his adolecence. After graduating from high school Dean moved back to California to study for intro to Law. However changed his mind and attended UCLA to study theater. In 1951 he dropped our and became a full-time actor, and moved to NYC. There he met Rogers Barackett, who assisted him in becomeing who he wanted to be. His career boomed shortly after, getting lead roles in TV Shows, and his big break in East of Eden, Rebel Without a Cause, and Giant. However shortly after his nominations, Dean passed in a deadly car accident in Paso Robles.

James Dean


“Remember:Life is short, break the rules (they were made to be broken)"“Only the gentle are ever really strong.”"Don't sweat the small stuff,You are who you are meant to be"


Why a rebel?His role as Jim Stark portrays the image of teenagers during that era, a troubled kid trying to escape from all of it, by only causeing more trouble. Dean was not like other actors, he would also participate in racing, which led him to his death. His character, Jim Stark, portrayed himself as well, dissmising authority and law. A perfect example of what teenagers wished to do in their own lives. Dean is now praized as the"American Teenager" for being brave to put someone in their place, and being rebellious, douing what they wished, and being experimental with life itself. Dean changed the family morals and morals of christianity,seeing life more like a experiment than something to take great care of.

Accomplishments-Nominated: 2 Academy Award for Best Actor, -BAFTA Best Foreign Actor-Only actor to recive two posthumous Academy Awards-Nominated for an Oscar, for Best Actor-Studied under Lee Stratsberg in NYC-Won races such as, the Palm Springs Rad Races (Sat-Sun) and won 1st and 2nd -Won the Speedster at Bakersfield winning 1st and third

Were the 1950's truly an era of consesus and conformity?

11 Sent ParagraphConformity during the 1950’s was a huge idea in the lives of Americans, James Dean, however challenged that by dismissing all authority, standing up for himself, and experimenting with life itself. Dean and his film roles dismissed the thought of authority and itself. His role as Jim Stark in Rebel Without a Cause, ignores what authority says, as well as James himself, when he was pulled over for speeding on the highway. Back then doing such a thing was considered to be a terrible thing to do, and a one way ticket to Hell. Dean and his roles stood up for themselves and what they believed in. He never let anyone put him or the things he believed in down, "Don't sweat the small stuff, you are who you are meant to be". Most people could have let themselves be told to do something that was completely out of their comfort zone, therefore Dean rejected the idea and stood up for what he believed in as well as himself! Life is something that people would not want to mess around with, however Dean was very experiential taking on risk and other things. It is said that Dean was bisextuall and experimented with both male and females; he also competed in drag races risking his life for the thrill. Experimenting with objects is one thing, but experimenting with life is risk taking and full of thrill, and adrenaline, leaving James to find out himself what it really is to live! All of these ideas, dismissing authority, standing up for oneself, and experimenting with life, were greatly thought of as sin full, but James Dean thought and committed every single one, hence why he is a 1950’s rebel, he changed the idea of christianity and family morals.

Problems-Questioned of his sextuallity-Death of a loved one at a very young age(mother)-Drag Racing-Sextually abused by Rev. James Deweer-Had many women in his life, in different locations.

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