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James Dashner

James Dashner

By Kylie Jordan, B1 Author Study Glog.

James Dashner was born in November 26, 1972 in Georgia. Currently he is 41 years old. He was not a great writer as he is now, nor did he want to always be a writer. He was always very fond of books and enjoyed reading a lot. As a child he loved making up and telling stories but he eventually wanted to do more than just telling stories so he attempted at writing. James started typing on an old typewriter his parents had kept. When he typed the stories they never turned out well. However, he continued for many years through his adolescent years to become better, which he did. Reality set in though and he gave up that dream and got his Masters in Finance. Afterwards James decided to become a writer, which he found to be a success.Though without Shannon Hal who has influenced him to overall start writing and not be discouraged and to keep trying he would not be a writer like he is today. He wrote his first novel called the James Fincher Series. James now write science fiction fantasy books most often. He has written 10 novels. He has recently finished Eternity, book 8 in the Infinity Ring Series. He has also gotten many awards, a few are listed here The New York State Charlotte Award,Kentucky Bluegrass Award, Oregon Reader’s Choice Award, New Hampshire Isinglass Teen Read Award, Missouri Truman readers,Award, Illinois Abraham Lincoln Award, Arizona Grand Canyon Reader Award, Georgia Peach Book Award, and New Jersey Garden State Book Award. He and his family live in the Rocky Mountains. In his free time he enjoys to read, watch movies, and (good) TV shows, snow ski, and spend time with his wife, Lynette Anderson and four kids, which he finds to always keep him busy and enjoying life.

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