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James Cool Papa Bell

James ThomasBell

James Thomas Bell, also known as 'Cool Papa Bell', was a famous baseball player. He was born May 17th, 1903, in Starkville, Mississippi. He was the son of a farmer, and later left to go live with his sister and four brothers in St. Louis. He was the fourth out of six kids. He went to highschool for about 2 years while working at a creamery. He dropped out around the age of 17. In 1922 he was discovered by the St. Louis Stars for baseball in the negro leagues. He played for nine different teams in the negro leagues. From 1922 through 1950. He never had kids or married. He lived in Mississippi for his whole life pretty much. only travleling for sports. People said he was the fastest man to ever play baseball. "One time he hit a line drive right past my ear. i turned around and saw the ball hit him sliding into second base," said by Salchel Paige. He was even ranked 66th on the list of the greatest baseball players ever. The weird thing was that he pitched left and batted right. He switched from being a pitcher to out feild due to an arm injury. He coached Jackie Robinson and met many other famous baseball players such as Josh Gibson and Oscar Charelston. He lived and died in Mississippi, May 17th, 1991. He was 88 when he died. Did you know that he would be 112 on May 17th this year? When he died, the street he lived on was then named after him. ' James Cool Papa Bell Avenue. James cool papa bell, one of the greatest baseball players of his time.


1903- Born1922- Joined the negro leagues 1950- Retired from baseball1974- Hall of Fame1991- died

Due to his huge accomplishments in Latin America and in the Negro Leagues he was put into the National Baseball hall of fame. This happened in 1974. He was also ranked 66th on the list of the greatest baseball players.



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How he got his nickname

Cool Papa Bell got his nickname from how hee played his game. When there was a lot of pressure on him during a game he was calm and cool. that's how he got 'cool' as his nickname. 'Papa,' was just added to make it sound better. That's how he got nicknamed Cool Papa Bell.


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