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James Cook

His second voyage was comissionaed by the British government. The goal of Cook's second voyage was to establish whether there was an inhabited southern continent, which we know call Antarctica. Along with Antarctica, Cook's journey also took him to Easter Island.

James Cook was not able to avoid problems with the natives of the places he explored. They often stole from his crew, impending their travels.

Accomplishments:He was an excellent surveyor and navigator.He mapped Australia and the Newfoundland. He charted many parts of Pacific Ocean. Cook was the first European to sail and chart the eastern coastline of Australia.

James Cook


Cook went on 3 voyages. Cook died during his third voyage, will in the Sandwich Islands, now called Hawaii. Cook was 51 at the time of his death.

Cook's first voyage was sponsored by the Royal Navy and the Royal Navy. Cook was sent to observe the transit of Venus. This voyage started August 1768 and was completed July 1771.

October 27, 1718

Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Final Voyage

Cook aimed to find an ice-free passage that would link the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific. While in Hawaii, Cook and his crew attempted to get the Hawaiians back for stealing their ship's cutter board. In the midst of fighting, one of the Hawaiians hit Cook in the head with a spear and club. James Cook died February 14th, 1779.

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