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James Clerk Maxwell

James Clerk Maxwell was a Scottish Scientist who was born on June 13 1833 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He studied at home until 1841, when he went to the Edinburgh Academy. Then, in 1851 he left to cambrige. After his graduation, he became a proffessor at Marichal College in Aberdeen, UK.In 1857, he wrote a paper theorizing the stability of Saturn's rings. He moved to teach at a different school- Kings College in London.In 1865, he began to speak about his theory of electromagnetic fields.Maxwell changed fields int he early 1870's- he started writing papers on law. He was even awarded an honory Doctorate of law degree.James Clerk Maxwell Died of Stomach cancer in 1879 at the age of 48.


1831- Born in Edinburgh,United Kingdom1841- Stuied at Edinburgh Academy 1850-Entered college.1860- Rumford Medal1861- Took first color photograph.1879- Death of Stocmach cancer (Cambridge, England)

James Clerk Maxwell had many theories about the electromagnetic field, which we now have proved.

Lasting Impact

Maxwell's theory of electromagnetic fields led to Einsteins theory of relativity.


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James Clerk Maxwell




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