James Chadwick

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James Chadwick

James Chadwick

Graduated from Victoria Univerity of Manchester in 1911, during wich he studied under Ernest Rutherford.

Born on October 20th 1891.

Studied beta radiation in 1914 at Berlin


Study of Neutrons

End of His Time

Discovered the neutron in 1932.

Recieved a Nobel prise in 1932

April 1941, researches uranium.

Studied beta radiation with Hans Geiger and discovered it is a continious spectrum.

Became Rutherfords lab assistant at Cavenden Laberatories then later left in 1935.

After the discovery of the nuetrally charged part of rhe atom, his very same research was used for the first atomic bomn.

Studied the mass of a neutron and its comparisons to a proton. They figured it weighs between 1.0084 or 1.0090 atomic units.

James Chadwick died in his sleep peasefully on July 24th 1974

Chadwick discovered this after Rutherfords experiments where he said that protons and neutrons orbited around the nucleus of an atom

Discovered the critical mass of Uranium-235 may be 18 kilograms


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