James Chadwick

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Scientific Biographies

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James Chadwick

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Major AwardsHis major Award for his discover of the Neutron was the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1935.

In 1925 James Chadwick married Aileen Stewart of Liverpool.James and Aileen had twin Daughters.

James Chadwick1891 - 1974

Other AwardsHughes Medal , Franklin Medal, Copley Medal, and the Faraday Medal

Chadwick spent two years studying under Professor RutherfordThen went to Berlin in 1851 to work under Professor Hans Geiger at the Charlottenburg

In 1932 James Chadwick discovered the neutron.He was looking for a neutral particle with the same mass as a proton without a charge.

James Chadwick lived in the United Kingdom for most of his life. He returned to England in 1948


Fishing and Gardening were some of James Chadwicks hobbies.

Pictures of Ernest Rutherford, James Chadwick and Hans Griger.

At the Nobel Prize Award CeromonyFrom left: James Chadwick, Irene Juliot Curie, Frederic Joliot and Hans-Spemann

This Video explains more about how James Chadwick found the neutron and how the neutron is important.

Jimmy Neutron


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