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James Chadwick

On October 20th 1891 James Chadwick was born in Cheshire, England. After gradutating high school. He attended Manchester Univeristy in 1908, and then graduated from Honours School of Physics in 1911. Afterwards, he went back to Manchester to study under Professor Rutherford. He later went to Berlin to study under another professor. Soon after WWI started he was held as a prisoner, but was aloud to continue his work. In 1919 he was released and returned to England. In 1925 he married Aileen Stewart- Brown of Liverpool and had two daughters. Later on in 1932, Chadwick made a astonishing discovery. He discovered a subatmoic particle, the neutron. The discovery of the neutron was by far his biggest contribution to the atomic theory.For his work he was given the Hughes Medal of the Royal Society in 1932 and then won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1935. He recieved countless rewards even decades after his discovery. He died in the summer of 1974

Atomic Theory

1891- Year of Birth 1911- Graduated from Honours School of Physics 1914- captured during WWI 1919- released from captive 1932 - Discovered Neutron 1935 - Nobel Prize for Physics 1974- Year of Death

James Chadwick's contribution to the Atomic Theory was established in 1932 when he discovered the subatmoic particle, the neutron.



A more detailed video on the discovery of the neutron


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