[2011] Maia11 (5th Grade, bdsclass 15, Gehrig): James Byrnes

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[2011] Maia11 (5th Grade, bdsclass 15, Gehrig): James Byrnes

James Byrnes is best remembered as secretary of the state, under President Harry Truman from 1945 to 1947. When the creation of the United Nations had dawned, Byrnes wanted international cooperation for both coutries, including others. But there were conflicts with the Soviet Union between Eastern Europe, Iran, and Germany. But President Truman thought that Byrnes was "being too soft" with the Soviets, and not taking enough control, and in 1947, General George Marshall replaced Byrnes from his part as secretary of state.Born in 1882, as a child, he had a little form of education, but knew what he wanted to be at an early as a politician, and read law to prepare himself.

1882 - Born1911 - Served as Democratic representitive in Congress until 19251931 - U.S. Senator until 19411942 - U.S. Supreme Court1951 - Governor of South Carolina until 1955, when he attacked racial integration.1972 - Died



Lasting Impact


James Byrnes

"Power intoxicates men.It is never voluntarysurrendered. It must betaken from them."

"The nearest approach toimmortality on earth isa government bureau."

"What we want isa lasting peace. Wewill oppose softmeasures which invite thebreaking of the peace."

Youtube Documentary: James Byrnes Quotes: Clements, Kendrick A. "Byrnes, James Francis." World Book Advanced. World Book, 2014. Web. 8 May 2014.


James Byrnes with President Truman

James Byrnes Documentary

James Byrnes helpedHarry Truman with thedescision of droppingthe atomic bomb, andwas a great leader formany different things inhis life.


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