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James Baldwin

ChildhoodJames Baldwin developed a passion for reading when he was very young. While he was in school, he demonstrated a gift for writing. When he was in high school, he worked on the school magazine and published poems and short stories that were written by him. During the ages 14-16, he served as a youth minister in a Harlem Pentecoastal church. All of this work that he did, showed an understanding for sophisticated literary devices. Many people were amazed of his writing because he was still at a very young age.

ChallengesWhen James graduated high school, he couldn't go straight to college as he planned to. Because his father died, he had to help support his family. It was hard for him to get a job because he frequently encountered discrimination. He was turned away from bars and restaurants because he was African American. When he finally got a job, he was working laying railroad tracks for the U.S Army in New Jersey. He got fired from this job, so he sought other work and struggled to make ends meet.

Notable RecgonitionsJames Baldwin won the prestigious George Polk prize in 1963.He got this because his influence on other writers would be deep and lasting.

ContributionsJames Baldwin was known for his essays on the black experience in America. He moved to Paris to make a dramatic change in his life. The shift and location freed him to write more about his personal racial and background. In 1956, he published Giovanni's Room. He discusses the issues of race and homosexuality. Baldwin also published The Fire Next Time, which was considered as one of the most brilliant essays on the history of black protest. This book went as far as attracking a white audience. When he returned to the United States, he participated in the Civil Rights Movement.

What I LearnedWhat I learned from James Baldwin is that there will always be a rainbow after the hurricane. He went through many challenges, like losing his fater, not being able to get a job, or go to college when he wanted to go. He still pushed through the struggle and did his best to be successful. Even though he took baby steps to his fame, he still worked his way up. James Balwin is a great role model for any child that is having a hard time becoming successful. He made sure he never gave up on his dreams.

James Balwin

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