James B. Hunt Library - Ground Floor

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James B. Hunt Library - Ground Floor

Disadvantages:-Most of the workspaces do not provide an area to charge a mobile device.-The immersion theatre is one of the only areas that allows for groupwork between more than four people.

James B. Hunt Library

University of North Carolina

The open plan design allows students to move freely between the areas, offering an easy transition between tasks.

The room configuration promotes the use of personal mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones, over fixed devices.

-Bookshelves allow for the more traditional information transmission learning style. This learning could also be done on the students own portable devices.

Areas for both individual and group work.

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*Ground Floor*

Advantages:-Flexible furniture means room can be restructured depending on needs.-Individual portable tables allow students to work on their own devices.-Bright colours create a more energised environment.

-Interactive immersion theatre is great for social constructivist learning, as it allows students to display their own work and collaborate on a large scale.


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