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James B. Conant

Theoretical Foundations

James B. Conant


Harvard President James B. Conant delivers a speech

Educational Contributions- A transformational president of Harvard University, dispensing with a number of customs, including class rankings and the requirement for Latin classes.- Abolished athletic scholarships, and instituted an "up or out" policy, under which scholars who were not promoted were terminated. - During his presidency, women were admitted to Harvard Medical School and Harvard Law School for the first time.- Between 1957 and 1965, the Carnegie Corporation of New York gave him over a million dollars to write studies of education.- In 1959 he published The American High School Today. This became a best seller, resulting in Conant's appearance on the cover of Time magazine on September 14, 1959. - Conant called for a number of reforms, including the consolidation of high schools into larger bodies that could offer a broader range of curricula choices. - Conant argues for comprehensive high schools that served all types of learners and helped eliminate class distinctions.- In The Education of American Teachers in 1963, Conant found much to criticize about the training of teachers. Most controversial was his defense of the arrangement by which teachers were certified by independent bodies rather than the teacher training colleges.

As a renowned chemist, Conant defines the problem solving approach in a typically scientific manner. He believed this model could be applied to any problem and situation, including those problems in education.Conant's Problem Solving Approach1. Recognize a problem and formulate objectives2. Collect relevant info3. Formulate a hypo4. Deduce from hypothesis5. Use tests by actual trial.6. Depending on the outcome, accept, modify, or discard the hypothesis.

Learn more about my personal life here:http://www.chemheritage.org/discover/online-resources/chemistry-in-history/themes/chemical-education-and-public-policy/public-policy/conant.aspx

Served a critical role in WWI researching chemical warfare. Also served again in WWII as a member of the National Defense Research Committee.

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