James Armistead

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African-American History

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James Armistead

James ArmisteadBy: Evan Williams

About James ArmisteadJames's real name is James Armistead Lafayette.He was born on December 10, 1760 in Newkent, Virginia.He did not attend any school.

Acomplishments He got permission by his master, (he was a slave) William Armistead, to enlist under Gen. Marquis de Lafayette, Marquis was a French officer who had joined George Washington's army during the American Revolution. James became a spy and went to overhear British plans, with his gathered info, him and Washington were able to prevent British from sending 10,000 reinforcements to Yorktown, Virginia. The American and French blockade (the act of preventing somebody or something in or out of a place) surprised British forces and crippled (severely damaged) their military. As a result of James's and Washington's victory, the British officially surrendered on Oct. 19, 1781. He came back after the war to continue life as a slave. When he was freed he got married,had a big family and he continued life farming for a job.

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