Jamaican Music

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Jamaican Music

Today, 2.7 million people live in Jamaica. It lies SW of the U.S in the Carribean Sea. Two of the most popular genres of music in Jamaica are, reggae, and ska. People love to listen to reggae music, to hear its powerfull messages. People like to come up with really crazy dances when they play these songs.

Jamaican Music

Shakers are in many Jamaican songs. It is a very popular instrument in Jamaica, because of the sound it makes. They are a big part in Jamaica songs to this day.Another popular instrument in Jamaica is, the horn. A horn makes a really loud sound that is used in most songs in Jamaica. Some horns make louder or quieter songs. The bigger the horn, the louder the sound.

Popular instruments in Jamaica include, shakers, horns, ukelele, and most popular, drums.

Popular genres

dub, folk music, mento, ska, ska jazz, reggae


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