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Jamaican Glog

Map in 3D

Jamaica is an island country situated in the Caribbean Sea, comprising the third-largest island of the Greater Antilles.

Come to Jamaica!Jamaica is a mixture of various world cultures. You'll experience this diversity in its strong tradition of craftsmanship, saltfish and different dining options, like ackee and saltfish with roast breadfruit.

Jamaica, the birthplace of reggae music and the Rastafarian movement!

Top 5 Attractions Jamaica

"The most beautiful island that my eyes have ever seen..." - Christopher Columbus

Information:Population: 2 804 332Capital: KingstonLargest cities: Port Antonio, Montego Bay, White Horses e Port Morant.Internet Domain: .jmTime Zone: UTC -5

By Gabriel and Adriel - Info 1

Jimmy Cliff - I Can See Clearly NowFamous Jamaican Singer

Video 3d Map

Reference: http://www.aproximaviagem.pt/html/n1/06_artigoJamaica.html


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