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Social Studies

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CultureSome famous food in Jamaica are....1. Jerk Chicken 2.Ackee and saltfish3.Callaloo4.Jamaican Patty 5. Rice and Peas 6. Escoviche 7. Plantains 8. Gizzads 9. Fresh fruit 10. Blue Mountain Coffee

ClimateThere are 2 types of climates in Jamaica. A upland tropical climate which prevails on the windward side of the mountain. Then the semiarid climate which predominates on the leeward side. There are warm trade winds from the northeast and east side which bring rainfall through out the year.

HistoryIndependenceJamaica had gained its independence on August 6 in 1962 from the UK. But still today the Monarch of Jamaica is Queen Elizabeth II. Jamaica still has voting rights.The Flag The Jamaican flag was hung on independence day . It was desinged by the Jamaican House of Represenatives.The black depicts the strength and creativity of the Jamaican people.The gold stands for the natural wealth and beauty of sunlight. The green represents hope and agricultural resources.

Music One of Jamaicas finest artis was Bob Marley. He was born in Nine Mile Jamaica, on February 6 1945. He sold over 20 million records nation wide. Bob Marley died of cancer on May 11,1981 in Miami FL.

Population of Jamaica The population of Jamaica is 2.72 million. Last recorded in 2013.

The Language The language spoken in Jamaica is Patois (Patwa or Patwah). It is English based with influence from West Africa. Linguist also refer to as Creole.

Famous tourist sites in Jamaica.1. Negril Beach 2. Doctors Cave Beach, Montego Bay 3. Rose Hall Great House, Montego Bay 4. Falamouth 5. Maratha Brace River 6. Kingston 7. Blue Mountain and John Grow Mountain National Park 8. Port Antonio 9. Rio Grande River 10. Black River Safari Boat tour 11. Rain forest Bobsted Jamaica at Mystic Moutain , Ocho Rios 12. Dunns River Falls 13. Blue Hole Ocho Rios 14. Mayfeild Falls and Mineral Springs 15. Zine Adventures 16. Reach Falls


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