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Social Studies

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By:Gillian Adams

In Jamaica 40% of people are Protestant and music is a big part of their culture; Reggae music comes from Jamaica

The first people to live in Jamaica, were the Arawak Indian Tribe, and then the Spainish settled in Jamaica in 1509 and Jamaica gained independence from Spain in 1962.

There are very famous figures from Jamaica, including Usain Bolt and James Bond; ten of his novels were written in Jamiaca including, GoldenEye.


Jamaica's government is parliametary democracy and constitutional monarcy, the two main political groups are Peoples National Party and Jamaican Labour Party, and the prime minister is Portia Simpson-Miller.

In Jamaica there are tropical forests and plants but there are also many animals including the Jamaican Boa and six other snake species, crocodiles, manatees, Jamaican Hutia or Coney, many species of birds and butterflies such as the Giant Swallowtail.

Jamaica, though beautiful, has its environmental issues like deforestation, water polluted with industrial sewage, and oil spills, but every problem has a solution like reforestation, water purification, proper disposal of sewage and more groups that help get the oil out of the water and clean the wildlife.

Jamaica has an area of 4,243 square miles with a highest point of 7,401 feet in the Blue Mountains and the capitol is Kingston.

In Jamaica the annual temperature average is 82 degrees with a tropical climate on the windside of the mountain and a semiarid on the leeward side of the mountain and an average rainfall of 77.2 inches per year.

Jamaica's main natural resources and plants are Bauxite, sugarcane, bananas, coffee, pimento, and yams this accounts for its major industries of mining, sugar refining, and agriculture.


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