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Jamaica Inn By: Daphne DuMaurier

The introduction of this book starts out with Mary Yellen, a 23-year-old woman, whose mother just died. Mary had made a promise to her mother that she would sell the farm and go live with her Aunt Patience. Mary kept to her promise and moved to Jamaica Inn to live her Aunt Patience and Uncle Joss. While staying at Jamaica Inn, Mary discovers many secrets hidden within the walls of the inn. She now comes to understand why the coaches never stopped there anymore, and why there was few visitors that came. Mary was told that when she heard voices and noises to go to bed and hide under the blankets and plug her ears, but one night Mary did not follow orders and she watched through her windows as the wagons came with boxes and crates. Smuggling, she now thought, the inn was a holder of items trying to be smuggled. Now Mary Was faced with a great deal of problems. Mary has to go against her uncle and turn him into the law, but she also has to keep her promise to herself and keep her Aunt Patience safe. This is a very difficult task because her aunt is devoted to her husband and would not betray him. Along her journey to have her uncle be where he belongs, Mary discovers things about the inn, her uncle, and herself. Many new interests and people come into Mary’s life, she even falls in love with her uncle’s brother, Jem. Despite these new feelings Mary is faced with the shocking discover that her uncle isn’t smuggling, but is killing people by making their ship wreck and killing the survivors. Mary's problems almost all went away when the Vicar of Altarnun kills her uncle. Mary ends up going away with her uncle's brother, Jem.


A theme from this book is; Misjudging People1.Mary appears as a fragile girl but she is strong and full of courage and she is determined.2.Mary tells all her secrets and problems to the Vicar of Altarnun because she trusts him, but in the end he was the one telling her uncle how to kill the people on the ships and he tries to kill her too.3.Jem Merlyn is a horse thief and Mary thinks he is part of the smuggling and killing, but in the end he is the one to turn in his brother.

Mary vs. Joss (Person Vs. Person)This conflict is resolved when Joss is killed by the Vicar. The landlord placed his hand over Mary’s mouth and forced her back against the carriage. “You’d inform against me, would you?” he said. “You’d run to the law and have me swinging on a rope’s end like a cat? All right, then, you shall have your chance. You shall stand on the shore, Mary, with the wind and the sea in your face, and you shall watch for the dawn and the coming in of the tide. You know what that means don’t you? You know where I’m taking you?” She stared back at him in horror; the colour drained from her face, and she tried to speak to him, but his hands forbade her. Page 179


There is different settings in Jamaica Inn. Some are; Bolventor, Launceston, Cornwall United Kingdom. This book takes place around the 1820's.


“Do you love me, Mary?” “ I believe so, Jem.” “Better than Helford?” “ I cant ever answer that.” “Why are you sitting here besides me, then?” “Because I want to; because I must; because now and forever more this is where I belong to be,” said Mary.Page Number: 302This was my favorite passage because Mary finally found her true love, and she finally found where she belonged. She was no longer lonely she now had Jem.

Jamaica Inn


Author: Daphne du Maurier

Point of View

By:Kassy Skeen

This book is told in 3rd person limited omniscient (only Mary’s thoughts). I know because it doesn’t use I or me, unless they are talking.Quote: Mary kept going over and over the question in her mind , and she was not yet satisfied all was understood. Page 56



I would recommend this book to people who don’t give up easily on a book. The start of this book was very slow but it became interesting. This book was off an on interesting and slow.


Mary Yellen: Main character, 23-year-old women, strong, courageous, determined, spirited, independent, doesn’t do things women do, she thinks most the time of living a man’s life, she doesn’t want to marry but live alone working on her farm, she ends up falling in love with Jem Merlyn, her uncles brother. Mary is important to this story because she is the main character, and this story wouldnt make sense without her. Joss Merlyn: Drunk, Mary’s uncle, tall, wide, fierce, yet gentle, leader of the killings, when drunk his secrets come out, married to Patience, somewhat smart, in the end it is his leader who kills him. Joss is important to this story because all of Mary's problems wouldn't exist without him. Francis Davey (Vicar of Altarnun): Albino, gentle voice, very smart, Mary puts her trust in him, he’s also the person telling joss how to do the crimes, yet he is helping Mary. He is also very clever and sneaky. Francis Davey is important to this story beacause he is the mastermind behind Joss' acts.


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