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Social Studies

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Kingston, Jamaica

Fast Facts 1. population: 2.715 million2. religion: 62% Protestant, 2% Roman Catholic, 36% other.3. language: Patois and English 4. LER & IMR: 73 yrs; 16/10005. Literacy Rate: 87.9%

~"Must See" places~* White Witch of Rose Hall* Dunns River Falls* Blue Mountains

Fire raging at the Riverton dump in Kingston last month. The fire, believed to have been started by arsonists, burned for nearly two weeks causing great inconvenience across the Corporate and parts of St Catherine

Jamaica College students Anthony Williams (left) and Matthew Gillespie (second left), along with Kiefer Telfer of Calabar High School, participate in Labour Day activities at the Jamaica Christian Boys' Home yesterday. Scores of volunteers turned out to participate in a Labour Day project at the New Kingston-based facility. Organised by the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation, in collaboration with Appliance Traders Limited, the workday included washing and painting of the fence, exterior walls, dormitories, bathrooms, as well as the foyer and living room. Twenty-two mattresses were also donated to the home.

Jamaica is as safe as any other Caribbean Island. Don't forget to pack your common sense, natural gut instincts when out and about and you will have no problems. Stay away from places you have no reason to be. Just like in the USA/Canada/UK. Do not flash wads of cash, wear loads of bling or tell people where you are staying.

- Interesting facts -•In Jamaica they drive on the left-hand side of the road.•Reggae music originated in Jamaica, home of well known musician Bob Marley.•Jamaica is one of only two countries in the world thats flag has no colors in common with the USA flag

ClimateTwo types of climate are found in Jamaica. An upland tropical climate prevails on the windward side of the mountains, whereas a semiarid climate predominates on the leeward side. Warm trade winds from the east and northeast bring rainfall throughout the year.

White Witch of Rose Hall


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