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Hi. My name isJAKUB PHAN

Male15 years old Born in the Czech Republic but my parents are from Vietnam.

My favourite anime series(You can watch the trailer but it´s pretty bloody and psycho so I don´t recommend it to everyone).he

My favourite food

Me trying not to look like an idiot ... (failed)

So my favourite food is called "BÚN CHẢ" basicaly it´s just rice-noodles with grilled pork meat and sweet-spicy sauce. If you ever get a chance to try it, I highly recommend it to you. It´s pretty tasty.

My hobbiesMy hobbies are playing the guitar and hanging out with my friends. I like playing florball, football and even airsoft. I used to play ice-hockey but I don´t do it now.

My interestsWell, my interrests are pretty much just watching anime (you may ask what anime is, so I left a link to its definition below in order that you could take a look), reading manga and playing video games on the computer (mostly League of Legends, Far Cry 4, Counter-Strike : Global Offensive ...). Aside from that I really like films, mostly comedies, thrillers and action films. My favourite film has just recently become a comedy called "Interview".

What anime is->



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