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Jaime Hernandez

Preserve the GreensWhen we use recycled materials, we are reducing the damage to forests, wetlands, rivers, and other places essential to the wildlife that inhabit it.

Why Should We Recycle?

Reduce Water PollutionWithout all the extra plastic bottles or plastic bags, our freshwater resources remain taken care of. Making the switch to reusable water bottles will help preserve our invaluable water sources.

Prevent Global WarmingThe recycling of solid waste has prevented the release of millions of metric tons of carbon into the air. That's part of the air we breath into our lungs. I know I don't want to be breathing in chemicals in the air. Do you?

Energy Saving Recycling offers significant energy savings. When people install solar panels on their house, they are recycling light energy and solar energy from the sun.

It's Great for the EnvironmentRecycling requires far less energy, uses fewer natural resources, and keeps waste from piling up in landfills.


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