Jadin i am from

by meomaha
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Jadin i am from

I am from sangriafrom books and I-podsI am from the NOT mowed, white and blue house with a lawn mower scentI am from a lost gardenthe tree with the swingIm from hair and big feetfrom aunt kimmy and mommy saraIm from bitting my nailsand from yelling

im from "dont make a mountion out of a molehill" and " your a crazy little kid"and "are you sleeping"Im from bitting my nailsIm from st. joesph and polandmexican and irish foodsFrom: When Mason was little grandpa taught him a dirty word...... Mason is now 17. I keep a purple lamb in memorie of my grandma......R.I.P

1. Change attitude!!2. Become faster reader !!3. Grow 5 inch!!4. Get better at opening locker!!!5. Make new freinds!!!6. Type faster!!!!


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