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The Hideout

By Peg Kehret

Appropriate title- Yes because, the book is about a boy who has been through alot and he hides in this cabin by his self and trys to survive.

Summary - There's this boy named Jeremy Holland and his parents were killed in a gunshot in a mall. He is forced to go live with his uncle Ed. As he is on the train to Chicago, the train crashes. He finds a cabin in the woods. He thinks he can "hideout" and escape the tereible things that has happened throughout his life. He faces more danger when bears start to approach. He hears gunshots throughout the night. He decides to put up his gaurd and try and stop the villains and bears. This is a fiction book.

Dear Diary,My name is Jeremy Holland. I'm and only child and I also have a rough life. My parents died in a gun shooting in the Mall. I was forced to go live with my Uncle Ed. When i was on the train, it crashed. I did not really know what to do next. I escaped and found a cabin. I have been staying there for a while now. All by myself. When can I feel normal again? - Jeremy Holland


Conflict- The main conflict in the book is when Jeremy is living in the cabin by hiself, and he is trying to fight the bears and villians to get rid of them.

Literary Letter#15

Expostition- Jeremy Holland, Uncle ed.Chicago. Rising Action- The train crashes. Jeremy finds a cabin. He dicides to live there on his own.Climax- He tries to defeat the bears and villans on his own.Falling action- they find him and he is safe now.Resolution- He goes home to be with uncle Ed.

Point of View

3rd Person.This adds to the story because you know what is heppening the whole time. It's not just about what Jeremy is doing.


To survive, you have to be brave.Muse – Survival LyricsRace, life’s a raceAnd I am gonna winYes, I am gonna winAnd I’ll light the fuseAnd I’ll never loseAnd I choose to surviveWhatever it takesYou won’t pull aheadI’ll keep up the paceAnd I’ll reveal my strengthTo the whole human raceYes I am preparedTo stay aliveI won’t forgive, the vengeance is mineAnd I won’t give inBecause I choose to thriveI’m gonna winRace, it’s a raceBut I’m gonna winYes I’m gonna winAnd will light the fuseI’ll never loseAnd I choose to surviveWhatever it takesYou won’t ṗull aheadI’ll keep up the paceAnd I’ll reveal my strengthTo the whole human raceYes I’m gonna winFight! Fight! Fight! Fight!Win! Win! Win! Win!Yes I’m gonna winRead more: http://www.lyricspremiere.com/muse-survival-


Main Character is Jeremy Holland

The tone is serious

One thing that is ironic in the book is when Jeremy is on the train to Chicago with his uncle, you do not expect it to crash.Another thing that is ironic, is when Jeremy goes to the cabin to live there by hiself, you do not expect him to meet people and go to the market to get food. You expect him to be sad and not know what to do.

http://www.oregonlive.com/west-linn/index.ssf/2012/10/west_linn_boys_know_how_to_sur.htmlAritcal on survivalSummary- the west line boys are missing in the woods. Jim Hanchett said these boys know how to survive. They are boy scouts and he said they have strong survival skills honed through the Boy Scouts and extensive outdoors experience.



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