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Jinx by Sage Blackwood Glog by Jade Hidalgo

Summary:This book is about a boy named Jinx who gets ridded by his stepparents because they don't want him. There just so happens to be a wizard named Simon wandering around in the forest while the ridding is happening and Simon takes Jinx in as his own. Simion uses Jinx to help out around the house and as a payment he teaches him magic too. Will Jinx use his powers to help him survive? Find out in Jinx.

About the Author:Sage Blackwood lives at the edge of a big forest and enjoys readind lots of books.She also enjoys carpentry, cooking, and has a very old dog.The books she has written are Jinx and Jinx's magic.

My favorite scene in this book is when Jinx first arrives at Simon's house and discribes all of it.There is a forrbiden south wing a kitchen and a loft.I like this because it feels cozy and warm to me.

Setting: The setting of this book is deep in the Urwald or the forest with trees everywhere. There is a rustling of leaves under your feet have as you walk along The Path- an area for you to walk without getting harmed by monsters-You have arrived at your destination of a witch's house where you will learn the truth about yourself

My favorite quote in this book is Knowledge Is Power because the more you Know the more it can help you in life

Characters:Jinx: Jinx is a brave boy because he is not afrid to fight monsterssters or use his powersElfwyn: elfwyn is a shy girl because she Doesn’t stand out very well.

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