Jacques Marquette

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Jacques Marquette

TransportationFather Jacques Marquette's transport-ation was a birch bark canoe so he could travel on rivers.

Born: June 1, 1637, Lacon, FranceDied: May 18, 1675, Michigan

5 Interesting Facts:1. Jacques died from dysentery2. Louis Jolliet invited Marquette to go with him on his trip3. Marquette became a priest (Jesuit) at the age of 174. Jacques was one of the first Europeans to live in Chicago5. Jacques was buried someplace along Lake Michigan on May 18, 1675

The Exporer: Jacques Marquette

A Great Explorer1637-1675

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Fun Fact:Jacques Marquette didn't have a sponsor! His friend Louis Jolliet(Joliet) invited him on the trip!(Jolliet's sponsor was himself!)

Louis Jolliet(Joliet): My sponsor

Father Jacques Marquette's Triumph and Succes:~ Father Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet(Joliet) were two of the first europeans to map out some of the Mississippi River in 1673

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