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Jacques Cousteau

Jacques Cousteau was born on June 11, 1910, to Daniel and √Člisabeth Cousteau.He was an only child. When he was a little boy he enjoyed swimming.He did not go to school he went to a camp because his family did not trust schools.One inportant fact about him is he was an under water movie creater.As an adult he wanted to learn more about the ocean and the creatures that live there.So he went to a master scientist that helped him learn more about it.One thing that is amazing about Jacques is that he got to go under water everyday.This man is a good swimmer.He also did a lot of camera work.He died june 25 1997.



He made his first underwater movie with sea cretures and his camera crue.He became one of the first french to make an under water movie.The 20th most in portant explorer in the whole world.

Lasting Impact

By bringing the gift of an under water cartoon and making it real!!!!!!!!! I have learned he is an under water movie maker.


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Jacques when he was young


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