Jacques Cousteau 2

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Jacques Cousteau 2

Milestones and Obstacles

Obstacles: - World War 2; restricted his freedom from inventing- Money problem- Poisoned Gas let into oxygen tank

Diagnosed with anemia as a child, encouraged to swim. 1920- Summer camp punishment, pick branches from the lake.1924- Sent to military school, interested in filming and inventing.


Anemia- lack of oxygen in the lungs.

of Jacques Cousteau

(1944 France is liberated during the last years of WW2)

Comparison When WW2 happened, Jacques was very brave and continued working on his invention (aqualung) despite the Nazis roaming around France. Jacques has the love of inventing and diving while I have the love of playing the violin. If I had been in that situation, I might continue playing the violin but only if it were safe to do so. I do not have the perseverence and braveness like Jacques had.

By Zera Te

Trailer for Cousteau's film: The Silent World



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