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Jacques Charles

Jacques Alexandre Cesar Charles

Jacques Alexandre Cesar Charles, was born on November 12 1746 in Beaugency, France.

Robert Boyle was a professor who studied and worked with gases, and so did Jacques Charles. Boyles law states- For a fixed mass of gas at constant temperature, the volume is inversely proportional to the pressure. Boyle was alive well ahead of Charles and they have really never worked together. Joseph Gay-Lussac published Charles' law in 1802.

When the temperature went up so did the volume, meaning it expanded. When the temperatue was lowered volume would decrease, meaning it deflated.

GossipWhen Charles first tested out his hot air balloon it landed in a village, where the people weren't known to such an invention, the villagers believed it was a monster and attempted to "kill" it. They then wrapped it up and tied it to a horse and brought it to the town to show to intruders. Later Jacques had to explain to the poeple about his new innovation so he wouldn't be put into jail.

~Jacques Alexandre Cesar Charles, was born on November 12 1746 in Beaugency, France.~When he attended school, his education involved very little science which was the most entertaining subject to him.~In 1779 Benjamin Franklin came to Beaugency, France and did lectures about his scientific experiments that interested him.~Benjamin Franklins lectures inspired Charles to learn about non mathematical experimental physics ~Shortly after educating himself about non mathematical physics he came up with the Charles Law in 1787~Henry Cavendish had discovered hydrogen in 1766, but this was the first time anyone had used it in a large balloon~Charles then died on April 7, 1823.

AWARDS-Due to his dedication to science he was officially named president of experimental physics in his academy in 1816.He became the professor of mathematics of the conservatory, and the librarian of his institute.His redesigns and innovations to creating the first hydrogen-filled hot air balloon with Nicholas Roberts.Awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for his first hydrogen-filled hot air balloon project. The 'Charles Law' which was finally published by Joseph Gay-Lussac in 1802.

FamilyHe was an only childHe married to his only wife Julie Francoise Bouchud des Herettes.He had no childrenPast feelings for a poet but didnt continue on with that relationship.

Robert Boyle

Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac

Volume = VTemperature = TV1 = V2T1 T2 2.85L = x 298K = 273K

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