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Jacques Cartier

Jaques Cartier


Jacques Cartier was a French explorer who was born on December 31, 1491 in Saint-Malo, Brittany France, he explored the Americas before making major three major voyages to the north. In 1534, Francis I (of France) sent Cartier out to the Eastern Coast of North America. He was in search of many riches, spices, and also a northern route or passage to Asia. With this passage the French would be in huge power over other European competers for it. On April 20, of the same year, he sailed out with two ships and sixty one men. He sailed through west coast Newfoundland and discovered an island called the Prince Edward Island. He continued on through the Gulf of St. Lawrence River. On his trip, he came across a group of Indians. He then kidnapped and took the two sons of the tribe's leader. The boys served as guides and servants to Cartier and his crew. Once he returned to France Francis I was very proud and sent him on another voyage. This time to go back to St. Lawrence River and to explore upwards. Cartier set out with more men and ships and later reached land in the Northern part of America now called Quebec. He then established a base. Cartier found another river, which is called Montreal, and headed downstream until he met a people called the Iroquois. They told that there were rivers that lead to precious metals and other valuable items. Cartier wanted to go and find those items but the harsh winter blew in and made it hard to sail on rivers. The Iroquois began to get angry. So he waited for winter to pass, then went and kidnapped some leaders of the Iroquois and headed back to France. He could only tell the king that there were precious items laying somewhere near a great river. On his third voyage, he left behind the idea of sailing to find a passage to Asia. Francis I sent him out to establish a permanent settlement along the St. Lawrence river and to claim it for France. Colonists set out to find what Cartier was looking for. He sailed and set up another base in Quebec. There he found many riches. He left camp in Quebec to return to France with his findings. He clashed into the colonists and their leader told him to go back to Quebec and stay there. Cartier was stubborn and pretended to honor the colonist leader. But later that night, he snuck away and headed back to France. When he returned with the the metals that he and his crew had found, they acted like they were not important to them. The land that he had discovered to them also had been worthless for over a century. Sadly his exploring for France came to an end.Despite losing his exploration career, Cartier got to name Canada and is very famous with the way that he met and dealt with the Iroquois people. Jacques Cartier led three voyages. They were not successful in reaching a route to Asia or finding great wealth but he is very important for claiming land for France who was competing with other European countries. European countries wanted to find land in North America and Cartier claimed it for France before many to come in search of the same thing. In addition Cartier named Canada after the Iroquois word “Kanata” which means settlement of village. Cartier died in honor on 1557.

His Life and Accomplishments

TIMELINE Francis I sent him Went on third voyage, on his first journey leaving behind idea of route in search of route to to Asia. Finds some metals Asia. but they are not important to France. 1534 1541-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1491- 1535 1557Cartier was born Impressed with his finding Cartier's death, was Francis I sent him out again, honored greatily in France. this time with more supplies. Found Indian tribe called Iroquios and they made peace. Went to look for metals.

Cartier lookingout at sea

A very clever man,excellent explorer

Grande Herminea ship that takes Cartier on his multiple journey's to St. Lawrence river

Cartier's nationality and who he sailed for, also got to name Canada


St. Lawrence river, river that Cartier sailed on to reach Quebec

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Cartier's Journeys


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