Jacques Cartier

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Jacques Cartier

He had one more voyage and his accomplishment was finding a river witch he then gave to France. Then the french were able to enter and build a vast colony in north Americas because of this.

Then a harsh winter hit making the river in passible and making the Iroquois very angry so Jacques waited until spring when the river was free of ice and captured two of Iroquois chiefs before returning to France.

He was born in Saint Malo France December 31, 1491. During his early life he reportedly explored the Americas , specificly Brazil.

He left for fame and wealth.On his first voyage he left in 1534 and sailed for France, and left with 2 small ships and 61 men.During his first voyage he discoverd Edward island and sailed through the Gulf of St Lawrence past Anticosti Island.He returned hungry for more.

On his second voyage he left with three ships and 110 men. He explored down a river to what would become Montreal and was welcomed by the Iroquois who controled the area. There was gold silver copper and spices.

Jacques died in Saint Malo in 1557. He never did do the thing he set out for but still found a colony for France.

Jacques Cartier


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