Jacques Cartier

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Jacques Cartier

France explorer Jacques Cartier

I know I'm famous

By: Lily Kim

Cartier was the first one who found Canada. King Francis I told Cartier to hind a way to India and Cartier thought Canada was Asia.

I found Canada

1st voyage - 1534

2nd voyage - 1535~1536

Cartier went more inside of Canada. He went to Hochelaga which is Monreal now. On the way into the river, a big wind took them somewhere and Cartier thought they were going to China. He called the land that he found after the wind by La Chine, which ment China and there is Qubec now.

1st voyage

He wrote:"Long Live the King of France" at Gaspé Bay.

2nd voyage

3rd voyage - 1541~1542

Cartier wanted to make Canada a colony, but most of the people who went to Canada died and Cartier also died at Canada by a disease.

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