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Jacques Cartier

I was born on December 31, 1491 in St. Malo, Brittany, France. As a young man I travled to Dieppe. There, I learned the art of navigation. One day King Francis 1 sent me on a voyege to the New World. I was honered! My theory is that King Francis 1 sent me on the voyege most likley because of my previous expeditions. Thanks to that voyege I became a French explorer. Sadly, I came to the end of my life. I died on September 1, 1557.

What I was looking for...

I wanted to go to the New World so I could find spices, riches, and a new route. Finally, I got France to sponsor me. In 1534, France gave me 2 ships and 61 men for my voyage. On my voyege I tried to find China's passage from France. Therefore, those are all of my motives on my journey to the New World.

What I found...

I discovered Prince Edward Island on my journey to the New World. In my time as a French explorer I made 3 journeys to the New World. My exploration of the St. Lawrence river was to claim lands that later became Canada. While on my exploration of the St. Lawrence river I came across Iroquois. While on my exploration of the New World I captured some Indians and brought them back to France with me. In Quebec I set up camp. While I was ready to leave some of my men decided to stay in Quebec and build a settlement. When I met the Iquorquin people I gave them gifts. Therefore, those are the things that I found.


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