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Jacqueline Woodson

This is an ad she did for Alaga Syrup and Ebony Mag, which features Woodson at the age of 2. She looked older, so they ran her ads as a school-aged child thinking about syrup. Her first job!

“Each Kindness makes the whole world a little bit better.”

All About J.W.Growing up, Jacqueline would tell stories, literally. She would lie and her friends would believe her and she figured she could get by with lies, until she started writing in 5th grade. When she wrote a poem about Martin Luther King, no one believed she had written it. "This is Good" were the words she heard after writing a story that same year and she was shocked that her teacher had something good to say. From then on, she began to believe in herself.

Books Written by J.W.Woodson has written multiple types of books, including Picture Books and most have received multiple awards. Picture BooksMiddle Grade TitlesYoung Adult TitlesPoetry

Jacqueline Woodson

Brown Girl Dreaming

Each Kindness

Miracle's Boys

A story of Jacqueline Woodson's childhood, she tells all and finds out all in this memoir-in. verse This memoir was her way to speak out and find her voice. She wanted to find out who her mother was before she was born and even how she became a writer. This memoir in verse began her search into her family history and allowed her to do something extraordinary, remember.

Written to explore more into kindness, this picture book, has gotten many awards. Woodson wrote this book about a new girl who entered a school and wasn't shown kindness by one of the other girls there, Chloe. She continued to try, but still she received no kindness from Chloe. She left the school and Chloe was only left with memories of her unkindness. At some point, we are all unkind, but this book was written to be a reminder about showing kindness.

To be poor, black and a boy, do you know what it's like? Jacqueline Woodson writes his book as an insight to losing love, being poor and caring for one another. Three brothers who lost their mother and the middle brother just returned from juve for armed robbery try to make ends meet. They are funny, courageous, handsome and protective of each other.

...and the winner is...**Coretta Scott King Award**Margaret A. Edwards Award for Lifetime Achievement**National Book Award**Newberry Honor Medal **ALA Notable

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