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Sumary The diary of a wimpy kid is a good book. The book is about a kid named Greg Hefley. He is the main character in this book. He has a brother named Roderick. Roderick is mean to Greg, and they fight all the time. In this book there is this thing going around called the cheese touch. If you get the cheese touch you have to try to pass it on to another person. If you don’t you keep it until you pass it on to someone. Also in the begging of this Greg signed up for swimming lessons. But he hated swimming so much. Also about Roderick he has a band call the loaded diaper. His brother has a van that says loaded diaper right on it. That is mainly all you need to know about Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Review I thought this book was a good book. If you like to read funny, comic type books this might be a book for you! I like this book because this book is fiction. Also I suggest you read this book. That is my review of this book.

The setting is at home and Greg's school

Diary of a wimpy KidAuthor: Jeff Kinney

CharectersRodrick: Mean to his brother Greg.Greg: Nice, But him and his brother fight a lot with each other.


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