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Harriet JacobsandIncidents in the life of a Slave Girl

I really enjoyed this book, even though we did not read the entire book. Being able to have a look at what she was thinking and feeling was very eye opening to what slaves had to go through.

Born: February 11, 1813, as a slaveDied: March 7, 1897 free

So, reading her side of the story and her fears and dreams of life and her struggles of running away and being in hiding for so long along with being able to write a book on top of all is an amazing story of courage and bravery during such hard times.

After reading this book I learned a lot about the history of America as well, and as crazy as it sounds before this book I never thought much about this part of our history as a counrty and the efffect it had on so many people.

“I was born a slave; but I never knew till six years of happy childhood had passed away.”

Born in the state of North Carolina Jacobs became one of the most influential writers of her time period as she fought against slavery to free herself, as well as her two children. When she was a young girl she was taught to write and sew, this ability allowed her to write her one and only novel allowing the world to see the struggles she overcame and shed light on the abuse that women slaves received. Later on she also wrote letters into new papers to help fight the war on slavery. Her fight against slavery went worldwide and even made news in London where her brother even wrote a book on her behalf. She was a large part in the Anti-Slavery movement and I believe that without her work women of her time would have suffered much longer with their stories being untold.


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