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Jacob Riis

Ribe DenmarkMay 3, 1849: Jacob Riis is born.United States1877: Became a reporter for The New York Tribune.1890: How the Other Half Lives was published. It was written by Riis.March 26, 1914: Jacob Riis Died

Jacob Riis worked for reform in cities. Jacob Riis wanted to help slums to become a better place. He worked for better housing and better sanitiation in the cities. He felt that children should have better places to play. Jacob Riis wanted the cities to be better places to live.

Jacob Riis wrote the book How the Other Half Lives and many other books. He took pictures to show the horrors of living in tenements. He gave lectures and wrote articles to enhance his point.


Documenting the Other HalfAbout Jacob RiisJacob August RiisJacob RIis BiographyJacob Riis: Master of Photography

Jacob Riis was friends with Theodore Roosevelt.

Jacob Riis



"Life, liberty, pursuit of happiness? Wind! says the slum, and the slum is right if we let it be. We cannot get rid of the tenements that shelter two million souls in New York today, but we can set about making them at least as nearly fit to harbor human souls as might be." Jacob Riis

Jacob Riis taught himslef to take pictures.

Riis Lecture: March 22, 1905

Men's Lodging Room- 1892

"It costs a Dollar a Month to sleep in these Sheds."

Under Rivington Street Dump: 1890

"Five Cents Lodging, Bayard" Street

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