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Jacob Coker

*He won a national championship*He completed 67.1 percent of his passes*He had a total of 2,775 passing yards*He passed for 138 yards in the texas a and m game*He also passed for 179 yards against auburn

*He was born in mobile,AL on september,22,1992*He plays for Alabama Crimson Tide *He is the quarter back for the crimson tide and he is #14*He is 6'6 and 230 pounds*He only played for alabama for 1 year as a starter*He went to another colledge before alabama it was florida state university*The high school he went to was st.pauls high.*He is cool guy to hang around his freinds say

Jacob"Jake" Coker





*He won a national championship for the crimson tide*He led the crimson tide to an almost perfect season*He won another national championship for the sec*He helped his teammates win against clemson*He helps the sec get recognition

* Cant go past the line of scrimage and then throw the ball*You cant hit the quarterback after he throws the ball*If the person with the football fallls on the ground or his knee hits the ground the ball is dead*You cant hit someone directly in the helmet*You cant go out of bounds and then back in*You cant throw the ball to a lineman*You cant intentionaly ground the ball*You cant grap the face mask of another player to tackle him*You cant move before the ball is hiked*You cant hold a person because if you do a holding call will be made


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