Jackson Unterseher

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Jackson Unterseher

1846Feburary 13, 1846Tomarrow my family and I have decided to leave for Nauvoo I.l and our next stop is in Richarolson point Iowa. We'l be hed'in over with Bringham Young and some other focks from around theas parts. We'l be hed'in over to Salt Lake City in a covered wagon and we have with us: two oxen our dog a barel full of water a pan a gun a bible and of course my wife and two kids.1846Feburary 14Right now in 10 min. were are leaving. I hope we don't have any bad weather on the way. But if is going to be bad weather we will have to wait for somewhere around two weeks or something like that. Now have to get going.Febuary 18, 1864Its been 4 days since we left and it started to rain a everything got covered with mud so if I opened the jornal it would get dirty and useless.and we have finaly crosed the Mississippi river. That Night...We told stories in Bringham Young's wagon and I told a story about the war of 1812 and how they had no winner and my dad died.Febuary 28 1864The rain had just stopped and were on our way to Scottbuff NE. on the way we saw something that looked liked thisSame Day...Disease have started to sperad and three people have already died. I hope that none of our family gets sick too. I felt scared to for us not making it to salt lake city. March 3, 1864I'm think I getting the cold thats going around and I dont think I will make it.


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