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Jackson Pollock


Fast Facts- Full Name: Paul Jackson Pollock- Born: January 28, 1912Cody, Wyoming- Died: August 11, 1956 (age 44)- Married to Lee Krasner, October 25, 1945-Famous for drip painting-Youngest of five brothers

Jackson PollockBy: Jamie Minard

This painting named "No. 5 1948" sold for $140 million, making it the most expensive painting ever.

Jackson Pollock and his wife Lee Krasner

In 2000 a movie named "Pollock" was made in dedication of his life and his paintings

More Facts-His studio was a shed.-He died in an alcohol related car crash.-He sometimes added glass to his paints.-When he was four, he chopped off part of his finger.-He named his paintings by numbers so people will pay attention to the painting, not the name.-It was Lee Krasner who started his career by intrudusing Pollock and his work to the right people.

Jackson and his childhood family

This is "No. 1 1950"(Lavender Mist)

This is "Moon Woman Cuts The Circle". It is different than his normal method of drip painting.

Click these words to piant like Pollock.

Artistic TrainingJackson Pollock was expelled from multiple schools, one being Los Angeles' Manual Arts High School. Pollock followed everything his brother, Charles, did. He went to studied art with Charles under Thomas Hart Benton at the Art Students League. Benton's conventional way of painting had almost no influence on Pollock. During the Great Depression, he worked for the WPA Federal Art Project.

I like Jackson Pollock because his style revolutionized art. He was one of the first artist to start "modern art". I choose Pollock because I admire his art and how different he was.


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