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Jackson, Lexi, Ivy



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Louis XIII succeeded Henry VI after his execution. He was 16.

Louis XIII died, succeeded by Louis XIV.

The French Empire


End of the Hundered Years war.

Duke of Burgandy's final defeat



France and Austria began the Italian Wars


Cateau-Cambresis Treaty ended Italian Wars

Catholics and Protestants religous wars

Henry IV turned Catholic : religious wars ended


Last outbreak of plague in France

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Military majorly impacted the expansion of the French empire. In order to conquer more teritorries, they used their military (water and land based). This, however, caused constant wars and battles, effecting their economy. They had a great deal of debt, in order to fix that they raised taxes to a very high price.

French VS OttomanThe French and Ottoman empires both had the same goal : gain more territory. However, they had different ways of doing that. The French empire colonized, establishing colonies ni parts of Africa and Canada. They also used their military, both marine and army based to conquer territory. The Ottoman empire had all of their expansion done thgrough military means. They had a very strong military so this was the best suit for them in order to expand. Starting with Constantinople.

The political rulers consolidated and legitimized their power by appopinting officials of their own descent. Religion took a huge role in consolidating and legitimizing power. Rulers used religious ideas to run the Empire. Religion became a way for Empires to justify theiur actions. Powers believed it was their duty to civilize and spread their religion.

France and England had a long standing rivalry over land claims. English Kings held land in France, French born lords held land in England.

Their religion was largely CatholicTheir form of government was Absolute Monarchy


He succeeded his great-grandfather Louis XIV at the age of five. Until he reached maturity in 1723, his kingdom was ruled by Philippe II, Duke of Orléans,



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