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Jackie Robinson was born in 1919, in Cario, Georgia. He was a 4 sport athelte at UCLA, track, football, basketball and baseball. After leaving college in joined the US Army and served 3 years. He was court marshelled for not moving to the back of the bus but was aquitted.He joined the Negro League in 1944 and played their until 1946. He played for as farm team of the Dodgers, the Montreal Royals for one season. On April 15, 1947, Jackie Robinson became the first African American to play for a Major League Baseball team. He retired in 1957, elected to the Hall of Fame in 1962, and the Dodgers retired his number 42 in 1972. Later that year he passed away of heart complications.


1/31/1919 - Birth Date1938-1941- Attended UCLA1942-1944- Served in US Army4/15/1947- Became 1st Afraican American to play in MLB1947- Won NL rookie of the year1955- Won the World Series1957- Retired from Baseball1962- 1st Afriacan American elected to the Hall of Fame1972- Dodgers retired his no. "42"10/24/1972- Death Date

Jackie Robinson has had a lasting impact on the game of baseball, an impact no other player has every had nor will ever have, his number, the no. 42, has been retired by every major league baseball team, now and future teams. No player in baseball can ever use that number again.In 2007, one day of the baseball season, ever baseball player wore the number 42, to honor Jackie Robinson on the 60th anniversary of his breaking the color barrier in baseball, and ever year since the players do this to honor him.In the picture to the right, Pee Wee Reece, a very popular player in this era and teammate of Jackies', said to him, "You know what we should do tomorrow Jackie, we should all wear your number so that can't tell us apart."

Lasting Impact

4 sport Varsity athlete at UCLA, US Army veteren, rookie of the year, MVP, Hall of Fame, Retired number, Husband, Father


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Jackie Robinson

"I want you to have the guts not to fight back." -Branch Rickey, owner Dodgers

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