Jackie Robinson

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Jackie Robinson

the Brooklyn Dodgers. Though some team players did not want him on the team, there were some who did. He soon led his team to the ultimate win for them, the world series. He retired on January 5, 1972 and continued as an activist. He later died from heart problems and diabetes on October 24,1972.

in the military beacuse he wouldnt give up his seat on a bus. But beacuse of the military and the NAACP he recieved a honorable discharge. Afterwards he played baseball professionally for the negro leagues but was soon chosen to play for the Montreal Royals which was a branch of

Born on January 31,1919. He was raised with a single mom and his other five older siblings. Jackie wanted to be like his brother, pursuing his dreams in the sports department. He joined a Baseball team in Hawaii called the Honalulu bears. But was cut short because of world war two. He joined the military though he never was in any combat. He was arrested while he was


First Black person to play in major league baseballNational league MVPCongressional gold medal






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