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Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson was born on January,31,1919. He was the first African American Baseball player. He played with the Brooklyn Dodgers. By playing Jackie Robinson ended racial segregation that had regelated black players from Negro League since the 1880s. Jackie Robinson was later put in the Baseball Hall Of Fame in 1962.Jackie robinson was born in Cairo, Georgia. He was the youngest out of the five children. He went to John muir Highschool during his teen years. After muir he went to Pasadena junoir college and later went to UCLA. During UCLA he was the first athelte to get varsity letters for 4 sports Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Track. Not to long he joined the military and stayed there for a while and was then honorably discharged somewhere around November. Later he was then called to join the negro league of but soon after was called to play for the Montreal Royals in 1946. The following year he was then called to play for the Dodgers in major league.

"A life is not important except in the impact it hason other lives. "-Jackie Robinson"life is not a spectator sport. If your going to spend your whole life in the grand stand just watching what goes on, In my opinion your wasting your life"-Jackie Robinson

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